Long-Term Savings With Metal Roofing

How Much Does a Metal Roof Save Me?

According to Houston metal roofing contractors we spoke with, though metal roofing may involve a larger up-front cost, the long-term savings are well worth it.
• A metal roof can save up to 40% on your energy bill.
• A metal roof can get you an insurance discount of up to 30%.
• If you decide to sell, a metal roof can recoup up to 95%.
• A metal roof will not need the amount of maintenance of an asphalt roof.
• A metal roof lasts at least 4 times as long as an asphalt roof.

Finally, there is the “life cycle cost”, or how much a roof will cost you over the years. A shake roof may start out at around $12,500, but after a 40 year cycle the cost of the roof can rise to almost $45,000 when you calculate in maintenance and repairs, a yearly cost of over $800. Concrete roofing starts at around $7,000, but 40 years later it has cost almost 5 times that in maintenance and repairs, around $700 per year. A metal roof that starts at $18,000 has risen to only around $21,000 over a 40 year span, or about $75 a year. (Note: These are not actual yearly maintenance costs. They only represent what the total maintenance and repair costs are spread out over 40 years.) To learn more about the advantages of metal roofing contact your local metal roofing contractor Houston.

Metal Roof Myths

As metal roofs are not as prolific as asphalt, many myths have arisen about them. Here are a few, as well as the truths behind them:
“Metal roofs are noisy.” — This calls up the old image of a hard rain on a corrugated tin roof. The flexibility of the corrugated tin is what makes the roof respond like a cymbal. Metal roofs are rigid and often have a sound-deadening underlayment. Some homeowners have reported that their houses are actually quieter after having a metal roof installed!
“You can’t walk on a metal roof.” — The idea behind this one is that the metal will buckle. Any roof will buckle if it doesn’t have good roof decking supporting it. Metal is as “walkable” as any roof.
“Metal rusts.” — Yes, it does, if it’s exposed and doesn’t have a galvanized coating or some other form of protection. Metal roof installers should include this in the estimate.
“Metal gets hot.” — Anything left in the sun gets hot, especially metal, asphalt, slate, or pretty much any other material used for roofing. Metal roofs can be coated with cooling colors that reflect solar heat and help keep your home comfortable. Also, metal sheds heat more efficiently than asphalt, resulting in an average 40% savings for cooling during the summer.
“Metal makes your roof a lightning rod.” — No, height makes a lightning rod. A metal roof is no more prone to lightning strikes than an asphalt roof. There is a big difference, however; asphalt ignites. When lightning strikes something flammable, it can combust. Asphalt is petroleum based and can burst into flames. A metal roof can take the strike and may actually protect your home from lightning!
“Metal is heavy.” — While any rock music fan may agree with you, metal roofs are actually lighter than asphalt by around 50%, and lighter than slate, concrete tile, and fiber cement shakes by about 75%

Water Damage Restoration

Austin Water Damage Restoration

Should your Austin home or business have  water damage and/or mold, it’s crucial you deal properly with the harmed areas without delay. An Austin water damage restoration contractor could save you a good deal of expense and also decrease any unneeded anxiety. You want water damage and mold remediation assistance by a proficient workforce of professionals with years of experience in water damage restoration and mold remediation. You want a team with experience in rebuilding properties and businesses back to the original pre-loss condition. You want modern water damage technicians that utilize cutting edge technology and tools designed for re-establishing your environment!

Immediate Action is Required

In a water damage situation time is your enemy. If left unattended water damage can become a structural hazard.  It will quickly become a health hazard to you personally and the ones surrounding you. If handled promptly, and properly it is possible to decrease the harm, decrease recovery expenditures and prevent expansion of mold and other contaminants.  When you’re the victim of water damage Austin, you want rapid response professional water damage restoration.

Here’s the 5 step professional process:

    1. 1. Assess. The Water Damage
We begin our process by assessing any flood damage or water damage before we begin.

2. Water Extraction
.The second stage is to extract out all the water inside the home or business thoroughly. This is the start of the water damage or flood damage restoration. Our water damage and flood damage services are just the beginning step.

3. Drying.
 Once water has been extracted using our equipment, we carefully dry contents and walls inside your home, while checking for bacterial growth, and removing all odors, mold, mildew, dirt, and dust in the home. This is one of the most important steps in the process because mold and mildew if not properly removed can have serious health considerations as well as cause structural hazards.

5. Water Cleanup / Flood Cleanup. 
Once those steps have been thoroughly accomplished, our team removes any contaminated debris! When everything is cleaned up, your water damaged area will look brand new!


Outlaw Pete

I Love College Football

Way back when I was just a pup I used to spend my days either running around getting into whatever I could find, or just napping. But one fall Saturday afternoon things changed. I heard everyone in the living room hooping and hollering. I ran in to see what it was all about. The announcer on  the TV screamed “Here Come The Irish” and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame were running out of that tunnel. Oh, I had seen football before but this was different. Everyone was so excited and those boys in the shining gold helmets were so beautiful. That fight song had me jumpin’ and barking.  Unfortunately, the Irish were defeated by the Longhorns.


It’s Beer and Barbecue

Mosttimes some of the fellas watching the games here drink beer and eat barbecue during the game, me, I eat some barbecue, there’s plenty laying around for me to pick off, but I just drink water. The guys  get carried way with the game they’re not waqtching their barbecue so it’s easy pickns. With all the yelling and screaming it gets louder than a hail storm on a metal roof.  I think the beer makes them all a little crazy.

How It used To Be

Around here I hear a lot about Ole Roc, Leahy, Ara, and Holtz. Sometimes I get to watch films of those old games. Some are black and white so it’s harder for me to make out, but I can tell by the way everyone acts those were really great coaches and players. Some of the favorites around here from the old days are Lujack, Lattner, Lynch, Duranko, Montana, Eddie, Brown, Zorich, and Ismael.

Tough Times

These days it seems the Irish are going through some tough times You know I wasn’t around when they were at the top but if today’s excitement is a barometer I can’t imagine what it will be like when they start winning again.  Whatever it’s like I’ll be right in the middle of it. Of course even I can see, from the looks of things this year it may take a while. I just hope I live long enough to see it. Me, I’ll be right in front of that 60inch TV when the announcer screams, “Here Come The Irish”.

Next time I might tell you why they call me Outlaw Pete